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Jan 25 , 2024 | 1 PM EDT

Beyond the First Click: 
Loading Pages Instantly 

Experience the evolution of web browsing with Chrome's newest features in our upcoming session. See firsthand how technology is eliminating wait times for users.

Dive deep into the mechanics of instant page loading

Explore the synergy between cutting-edge browser capabilities and NitroPack

Grasp the significant impact on user experience and increased engagement.

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Barry Pollard

Author of the Manning book “HTTP/2 In Action”

Maintainer of the HTTP Archive

Wants to make the web even better


Barry Pollard

Developer Relations Engineer, Google Chrome

Adam Silverstein

WordPress core committer

Developer Relations Engineer at Google

Empowers and educates developers


Adam Silverstein

Developer Relations Engineer, Google

Georgi Petrov

Passionate about well-performing websites

Embraces speed as a vital KPI

Owner of several successful businesses


Georgi Petrov

Co-founder and CEO, NitroPack

Simeon Totev

Seasoned tech leader:
10+ years of experience

Creator of breakthrough solutions

Active WordPress contributor


Simeon Totev

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer, NitroPack

Webinar Series Roadmap

Discover the blueprint to Core Web Vitals that elevate your business results.

Beyond the First Click:
Loading Pages Instantly

Jan 25, 2024 | 1 PM EDT

Unlock the potential of a faster, smoother web experience in our upcoming webinar. Dive into Chrome's latest features and learn how tools like NitroPack can seamlessly enhance your site's performance. Understand the value of instant page loads and its transformative impact on user engagement.


01. How do I unlock the next webinar?

Webinars are revealed one by one. Signing up guarantees you’ll be the first to know once the next webinar is open for registration.

02. I am a beginner in site speed. Are all webinars suitable for me?

Absolutely! The webinars cover the basics of Core Web Vitals and link to extra resources we recommend you read thoroughly before digging into more technical fixes. Alternatively, if you can't set the time aside, explore the NitroPack site speed optimization solution.

03. How long do I have access to a webinar after registration?

Forever. Webinar recordings will be available on Youtube to watch at your own pace and revisit whenever necessary.

04. Are the tips from the webinars applicable to any type of website?

The tips we share in the webinar follow the best practices set by Google. Depending on your site's speed issues, you can mix and match different improvement tips.

05. Are there any additional resources coming with the recording?

You’ll get an additional list with links to all resources mentioned in the webinar.

NitroPack is the leading all-in-one site speed solution that optimizes over 180,000 websites globally. Advanced caching, image optimization, code optimization, built-in global CDN, lazy loading - everything a website owner needs for a fast website.

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